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Redman Advantage

Champion Homes of Indiana


Redman Advantage

Ultimate Kitchen

New Homes Arriving Daily:

Redman Homes  32X64

Features More Than 50 Cabinet Doors, Front Kitchen, and a Glamor Bathroom 5/12 Pitch Roof




Independent &  Kyleigh  & Azalea

Freedom Living's Independent Model

Series #

28X56 Southern Energy: Patriot Series, Washington

& Bonjue Models

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Built With 2X6 Sidewalls Set on a Grid Foundation, Not Piers

Now Available!

The Patriot Home, often referred to as The Washington, now has a new twist. It has a great floor plan with lots of features, such as:

  • Hidden Compartments
  • Rolling Island
  • Designer Walk-In Shower
  • Marble Island
  • Heavy Duty Sliding Class Door
  • Hand-Laid Ceramic Shower Stall

Two Homes you Must See!

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Tru Homes available to walk thru on sales lot in Henderson KY i


EXCITMENT 28X44 3+2 Just Arrived